Grassley: “Is the IG investigating Comey’s handling of his memos about Trump?” Horowitz: “Yes, we’re investigating it and will produce a report on it.”

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Horowitz reveals that Comey is under DOJ investigation over mishandling classified info.

Although soundly buried on /r/conspiracy about an hour ago, this story is certainly juicy and conspiratorial enough to warrant at least a discussion on this sub.

And the intrigue continues, as noted by a response to this tweet:

Horowitz is a Comey crony. I won’t hold my breath after his white washing of the last report. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that bias affected how the leftist FBI pushed and handled spygate. Same with the crimes of clinton he let slide.

CAUTION: IG Michael Horowitz and James Comey worked together in 1990s in US Attorneys office in Manhattan. In addition, Horowitz married to former CNN and PBS producer, who gave money to Obama and who previously worked as a senior aide to Dukakis during presidential campaign.

It’ll be interesting to what, if anything, comes out of this latest development.

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h/t axolotl_peyotl


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