GREAT MOMENTS IN GASLIGHTING. CNN: Of Course We Don’t Hate Trump Or Favor Democrats.

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via hotair:

Jim Acosta has a new book to peddle (I won’t link to it here but I’m sure you can find it on a quick search if you’re interested), and he’s been using his platform at CNN to promote it. He recently sat down with Don Lemon to discuss the “dangerous” nature of covering the President, particularly if you have anything critical to say about him. The two-person choir was singing in unison, assuring everyone that CNN has no inherent bias, does not “hate” President Trump and certainly doesn’t support Democrats over Republicans. (Perish the thought.) It’s a rather brief exchange, but the tone-deaf nature of these denials was really something to see.

Wow, does that take the cake (that CNN baked and displayed on air in 2010 to celebrate Obama’s “Stimulus” program). The Wright-Free Zone and the choir of kids singing for Obamacare could not be reached for comment.




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