GREAT MOMENTS IN GASLIGHTING: Sen. Rick Scott Leaves CNN’s Brianna Keilar Reeling After Testy Exchange On CRT.

via dailycaller:

“We’re going to see just like in Virginia Terry McAuliffe wanted to say there’s nothing about Critical Race Theory. We know it’s true. Parents know their kids are being indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory in Virginia and Democrats wanted to deny it. And so parents showed up because they don’t like being lied to.”

Keilar immediately jumped in, saying, “just to be clear, it’s not in the curriculum in Virginia.”

That’s when Scott cited evidence from Virginia’s Department of Education website that shows CRT has been part of public schools’ curriculum even when Terry McAuliffe was last governor.

However, Keilar jumped in again to repeat, “To be clear, it’s not part of the curriculum.”

Scott went on to cite examples of the concept being taught in Virginia public schools and said he hopes Democrats keep saying that they are not promoting CRT even when the evidence suggests they do because “parents are not stupid.”

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“Fine. It’s not part of the curriculum. I would like to move on with you,” Keilar said, before moving on to a new subject.

Despite Keilar’s claims that CRT is “not part of the curriculum” in Virginia schools, the Virginia Education Department does promote pro-CRT books on its website, as Scott claimed and as reported by the Daily Caller.

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