Gregory Mannarino – Debt Boom Supporting Global Markets, Buy Gold & Silver Now. Gold & Silver Greatest Trades on Earth

Market analyst and professional trader Gregory Mannarino goes on to say, “This is where we need to be if we understand there is an inverse bubble in gold and silver. We need to be on the right side of the trade. Bet against the debt, and become your own central bank. . . . This is what people need to do: buy hard assets, like gold and like silver. A house is a hard asset, but it is massively overvalued. The real estate market is in a bubble worse than 2008. That’s going to correct too. Interest rate suppression has forced cash into assets it shouldn’t have gone into. I think we started this entire conversation off with the distortions that exist today have eclipsed every single distortion that has ever existed in financial markets in history. This is very unique. . . . Physical gold, and more specifically physical silver, are the greatest trades on earth. They are the most undervalued and suppressed assets on earth. They are real wealth, and they have represented real wealth for thousands of years. No politician and no Federal Reserve Chairperson is going to tell me different. . . . No amount of rigging will be able to stop the explosive move that gold and silver will make at some point.”



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