Gregory Mannarino – Price of All Assets is Fake, They Want to Destroy Trump & America

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Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino says, “There is not one asset class, not one, that has a real price discovery mechanism right now. How do we know this is true? The central banks, all of them, are distorting the debt market. It’s the largest part of this market, and they are artificially suppressing interest rates. This creates distortions, and every asset derives its value from what is occurring in the debt market. . . . So, if the debt market is not being allowed to achieve a fair value for the debt . . . then nothing across the spectrum of asset classes, including your house is real. The price of it is fake. The price of your metals (gold and silver) is obviously fake. The value of your debt note is fake. You have to understand this to get a true perspective on what is occurring.”
In closing, Mannarino says the next meltdown will be far worse than the last, and it will involve the entire world. Mannarino predicts, “If the system melts down in its current form, in other words, we cannot acquire more and more debt, we can’t borrow from the future to sustain where we are now, half of the world’s population will not survive. That’s how dire this can be.”
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1 thought on “Gregory Mannarino – Price of All Assets is Fake, They Want to Destroy Trump & America

  1. These wannacryp attacks are indicative of where things are headed. I never believed for a quick sec that they’re random, it’s more like a tune up, a test run for bigger things to come and the NSA knows all about it and where it’s headed.
    They’re all plugged into the staged calamity that’s about to be unleashed on humanity. These present attacks are being staged for plausible deniability, when they’re ready they’ll shut down banks, financial institutions and all stores of wealth and generators of income. It will all be blamed on the anonymous hacker.
    Think about this; if some kid can slow these attacks down, why not better equipped global agencies? Long answer short, they won’t do a thing because they need these precedents to cover their own doings when the time comes.

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