The facts to focus on during all this POTUS chaos. 3 key things being covered up/ignored. The game is afoot.

There is a narrative developing behind what the MSM is reporting and spinning. That’s normal of course but it’s hard to see sometimes unless you know where to look and what to look for. Some of this stuff you all know. It’s been discussed on GLP. I’m just going to organize it a little.
First is the suddenly emerging narrative from the left I’m going to call:
“Impeachment? What impeachment? Who said anything about impeachment?”


Ken Starr



Feel free to add examples.
Next is the narrative being pushed that Republicans don’t support Trump. While that certainly seems true in some ways, in other very important ways it doesn’t hold water. <——-That link there?
A break down of every Republican Senator and Congressman and how they voted in regards to Trump’s agenda and policies.  The result? Trump has a success rate with Republicans of over 98% voting with him and his agenda. No shit. Take a look for yourself.
So no impeachment, Republicans overwhelmingly support Trump’s agenda where it counts.
But not in public
We have those very curious developments and facts to process against what media is trying to tell us and portray and now we have the special council.
First off let me clear something up, special council, special prosecutor, independent investigator are all the same thing.  What they are called has to do with what they are being used for in the private sector. In politics however what they are called simply depends on the spin whoever is speaking is trying to put on their statement. If they want it to sound ominous they will say special prosecutor. If they want to soften the way this persons title sounds they will typically say special council.
In this case independent investigator best describes him out of the three at this point.
Deputy AG made it very clear in his statement that this is not someone being deployed to investigate POTUS but rather the entire situation we are dealing with. That includes Russia, leaks, rumors, fake news, claims of collusion, all of it.
This man job is to investigate the whole shit show and prosecute anything/anyone he thinks broke the law.
That is very different again that what they are trying to portray this guy as. There has not been a special prosecutor assigned to POTUS. That is a categorically false statement. There is special council assigned to the entire situation who has the authority to prosecute ANYONE he finds evidence of wrong doing on in the process. Up to and including the POTUS.
His job is to both clear people’s names and prosecute people simultaneously if it is warranted. That goes for everyone. His investigation is in no way centered on just POTUS and Russian collusion.
So this is nothing like Nixon. I mean nothing. Not even in the same galaxy.
So we have three important pieces of 100% fact here to not forgot going forward and watching this develop.
1. Democratic figures are suddenly distancing themselves from impeachment talk.  Putting it out there that there is no evidence to suggest such a thing. (Covering their asses so the special prosecutor doesn’t come down on the DNC for sedition)
2. Republicans do in fact overwhelmingly support Trump. In the 98 percentile no less. That makes impeachment again highly unlikely when republicans have the majorities.
3. The special council/prosecutor/investigator is not investigating Trump but rather anyone and everyone that has said or claimed to have info that implied President Trump colluded with Russia. He will look at their info, if any really exists, and judge it’s validity once and for all and rule on if it is real, inconsequential, fake, etc etc. This would include the dossier and what have you.
He has the authority to demand the DNC server they supposedly denied the FBI from investigating somehow to see if it was hacked for instance to verify the validity of that claim by the Democrats. He can investigate comey and his actions.
So as you can see this guy is very much a double edged sword for everyone involved.  If these things brought against Trump and/or Russia do not pan out as legitimate under investigation this investigation will quickly turn away from Trump and Russia and onto the DNC and leakers.
His job is to investigate and go where the crimes go. That’s it.
Have just been laughing at the chaos all day and wanted to point out the things the news is missing or purposely leaving out and others here may not have noticed or realized yet.
It’s going to be fun watching all the meltdowns when none of this goes the way the narratives are being pushed.
h/t Merit