GUTFELD: MSM Prefers Hearsay Over Real WORDS! GREG JONES: The Media’s No Good, Really Bad, Terrible Two Weeks.

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Trump ruined EVERYTHING when he released the transcript. LOL

Trump Approval holding steady at 48%.

That’s higher than Obamas during his term.

Hearsay allowed due to rule change????


Okay, CHANGE it back!!!

Hearsay is a JOKE in a court of law.


GREG JONES: The Media’s No Good, Really Bad, Terrible Two Weeks.

Apparently still bitter that the first press-led character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh failed to stop his confirmation to the highest court in the land, the Gray Lady doubled down on September 14 by teasing a book by Times writers Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly.

The article lobbed yet another accusation of sexual misconduct against the Supreme Court Justice (well, sort of: Kavanaugh’s friends allegedly shoved his penis in the face of an unsuspecting female). Not only did it appear that Kavanaugh was a victim as well, but the Times piece also conveniently failed to mention that the alleged female victim was never interviewed and according to her friends doesn’t remember the incident.

Rather than apologize and pledge to do better, however, Pogrebin and Kelly instead blamed their editors and … wait for it … Fox News. Because, of course, nothing says strong, independent women like blaming a television network for your own faulty newspaper reporting.

But before the ink could dry on a libel suit, a new circus rolled into town and bumped the Kavanaugh debacle from the headlines.

I’m speaking, of course, about the “whistleblower” complaint, in which an anonymous official claims he has reason to believe that President Trump was attempting to enlist the help of the Ukrainian government in the upcoming American presidential election. And in which the American press committed more unforced errors than the Bad News Bears.

Read the whole thing.

I said it was the media’s worst single week ever, but that was nearly a week ago.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Twitter Outage and Outrage Edition.

Impeachment fever is getting hotter in the Dems’ brains every day and they are not just going to overreach, they are going to WAY overreach. There’s a prime example of the lunacy in Tuesday’s New York Times. An Op-Ed titled “Trump Has Disqualified Himself From Running in 2020” is the most hysteria-riddled nonsense they’ve posted yet.

The beauty of that is that none of the coastal media bubble people understand how off-putting their ravings are to at least half of the country. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and won’t be going away any time soon.

With the 24/7 friendly air cover provided by the media and our cultural and educational institutions, all the Democrats have to do is not act crazy. And they can’t even manage that, doubly so under Trump.



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