HANNAH COX: Healthcare Provisions in the Budget Reconciliation Bill Aren’t Meant to Add Up.

The looming $3.5 trillion Budget Reconciliation bill is expected to come up for a vote this Thursday. In anticipation, the Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats are laying out a full-court press.

Some of their talking points are downright funny, like Biden claiming the actual price tag for the bill is zero.

…Or at least they would be funny if this package wasn’t so problematic. In it are elements of the PRO Act (which could force tens of millions of independent contractors out of work), lots of crony handouts for Big Labor, and loads of new taxes…which any basic econ student knows we all ultimately pay. Corporations pass on taxes through higher prices and inflation. If you truly believe the narrative that only the rich pay for absolutely anything, you’re being played.

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But perhaps worst of all in this bill are the healthcare provisions.

This piece of the pie is being shepherded by US Senator Bernie Sanders (I, VT) and is bigger than Obamacare. Yes, you read that right. It’s bigger than Obamacare, and hardly anyone is talking about it.



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