Has Even One Person Died From Omicron?


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It’s an honest question. I’ve been looking at it for a while now, and I can’t find an honest answer. Maybe someone out there can help me with that. There are a number of issues: we know that for two years, deaths have been labeled as “Covid” when they were not, or at least that was doubtful. Car crashes may have been the worst of it, and an extreme example, but we might as well have been in a pandemic of the comorbidities.

If and when you qualify an 85-year old, God bless them, with 5 comorbidities as having died from Covid, that’s not science, it’s propaganda. And now that Omicron is here, with a fatality rate reportedly 95% or so lower than Delta, we get the same thing: the news simply says “Covid deaths”. But what does that mean if one variant is 10-20-90x more lethal than the other? It means nothing.

And I’m still looking to find the first person who died from Omicron. I expect to find one at some point, mind you. But that it’s so hard is strange given that this particular variant is said to spread so much faster than all previous ones. Something that leads governments and their “experts” to claim that even if it less severe, the sheer number game makes it very dangerous anyway.

But 100x zero is still zero. Hence my question. If Omicron spreads as fast as it appears to do, why can’t I find any deaths from it? And if I can’t find them, then why all the mandates and closures and measures in places where it has taken over some 90%+ of all new positive tests?

The other day I wrote in a Debt Rattle:

First time (?!) I see a science report claim deaths from Omicron. Well, sort of:

Clinical Outcomes Among Patients Infected With Omicron

“Rates of ICU admission and mortality after an outpatient positive test were 0.26 (0.10-0.73) and 0.09 (0.01-0.75) fold as high among cases with Omicron variant infection ..”

We now have 1 case reported in UK, 1 case US (debunked), 1 case Israel (no evidence), and yesterday 1 case in Greece, “with” Omicron. (Google translate)

The First Death From Omicron Mutation In Greece: 77-Year-old Unvaccinated With Underlying Diseases

A 77-year-old unvaccinated with underlying diseases is the first victim of the Omicron mutation in Greece. According to Mega, a 77-year-old woman, unvaccinated, with serious underlying diseases, who was treated in the ICU of “Sotiria” hospital, is the first patient with the Omicron mutation that ended. Also, according to Mega, the only hospitals that have been genetically tested for those who have or do not carry the Omicron mutation are “Evangelismos” and “Sotiria”.

As case numbers have gone up 5 fold everywhere. If Omicron is at all capable of killing people, we should have seen a lot more reports like these. We do not.

I was “hopeful” that with that first report on medRxiv, we had our first Omicron death. But if and when you define a mortality rate as “0.09 (0.01-0.75)”, what do I really know? At that same time, I wrote:

There we go again: “..just one of the 52,297 people infected with Omicron died..”.

Omicron 91% Less Likely To Be Fatal Compared To Delta: CDC Study

Really? Where is the case description? Where are the details? It would be so unique that surely it would make headlines.

Walensky gives it away:

“We MAY see deaths from Omicron but I suspect that the deaths that we’re seeing now are still from Delta. “

If one person infected with Omicron died, that doesn’t mean they died FROM Omicron. And CDC director Rochelle Walensky herself appears to indicate zero deaths from Omicron.

I looked a bit further, and granted, there are more reports than just 1 in UK, 1 US, 1 Israel, and 1 Greece. But!

On Dec 24/Jan 7, an outlet named Pharmaceutical Technologys reports:

Germany Confirms First Death Attributed To Covid Omicron Variant

Germany: Germany’s health minister said he expects a surge in coronavirus cases around new year and people will probably need a fourth vaccine shot. Germany also confirmed the country’s first death due to the Omicron variant.

But provides no proof or details.

Dec 27, Reuters:

Australia Records First Omicron Death

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Australia reported its first confirmed death from the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 on Monday amid its biggest daily surge in infections, but the authorities refrained from imposing new restrictions saying hospitalisation rates remained low. The death, a man in his 80s with underlying health conditions, marked a grim milestone for the country which has had to reverse some parts of a staged reopening after nearly two years of stop-start lockdowns, due to the fresh outbreak.

Again, no proof, just a statement. How do I know it’s not Alpha or Delta, or obesity, or something else? I don’t.

Also Dec 27, BBC. “India’s first death WITH the Omicron variant..” No, “WITH” is not what I’m looking for. I want FROM, and with evidence.

India Records First Death Linked To Omicron Variant

A 74-year-old man who died in the western state of Rajasthan was India’s first death with the Omicron variant, the health ministry said on Wednesday. Officials said the man had been suffering from diabetes and other comorbid conditions. India has reported 2,630 Omicron cases so far. It reported more than 90,000 cases on Thursday – a nearly six-fold rise over the past week that experts say is fuelled by the Omicron variant. India recorded 325 deaths in the 24 hours but only one has been linked to Omicron, officials said.

This is interesting, from Jan 14:

How Deadly Is The Omicron Variant? WHO Releases Death Report

In a report released last month, the [WHO] said that of the 38 countries touched by the variant, none have reported Omicron-specific deaths. Since then, it has spread rapidly, and one person in the UK has died with the new variant.

Interesting because that WHO report is from December, the same time period where we see this:

What Are The Symptoms Of Omicron And Has Anyone Died From It?

The UK Health Security Agency have reported a total of 75 Omicron related deaths in the United Kingdom. These fatalities were recorded in the latest government agency’s Omicron daily overview report on 30 December 2021. Elsewhere in the world, there has been a Omicron-related death in Germany. And America reported their first Omicron death in late December – an unvaccinated man in the state of Texas. The first UK recorded Omicron related death was reported by the Prime Minister on 13 December. During a visit to a vaccination clinic in West London, Boris Johnson said: “Sadly yes Omicron is producing hospitalisations and sadly at least one patient has been confirmed to have died with Omicron.”

This was based on data from the UK Health Security Agency. Who said the individual who died from Omicron was diagnosed in hospital. Sounds reliable. But the report said 54 deaths, not 75, and it provides no details at all. Just numbers.

Omicron daily overview: 30 December 2021



Either way would be big news, whether it’s no deaths at all, or the first death has been confirmed. But we end up with something in between. And that’s not satisfactory.

We have a first positive test in the UK, followed up for a whole month by no positive test at all. While the variant spreads like wildfire. We have a report of either 72 or 54 positive tests in Germany, while no other country reports more than one. We have the US CDC director saying just days ago that they haven’t seen any Omicron deaths so far, only Delta. We have the WHO saying in December, their latest report, that not one of 38 countries reported even one positive test.

So yeah, help me out here, what am I missing? I’m looking for reports of deaths FROM, not WITH, Omicron, and with reliable proof. How hard could it be?




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