Hatred & Love is Showing in Voices of FBI/CIA/DOJ – Liars Dividing & Truthers Uniting

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by Thinker

How can men and women be in front of the whole world representing some of the top security agencies in the world and lie under oath. How can one be a leader if he/she is a liar? Is this the protocol for U.S. government agencies, for the workers to follow the lead of those who are in command? Is this why Obama had a litmus test for his employees to see how many would break the law if ordered? How many U.S. government officials were put in positions by a president without a birth certificate to break laws and commit felonies? How many soldiers lost their lives from the lies of men and women who put greed in front of humanity? How many men/women can look at themselves, step outside and have pride for all the things they have done to make the world a better place?

How many men/women can look back on what they have done/given and see it still growing and flourishing?

What will you leave behind when your spirit leaves its vessel?

Something good or something bad?

Why is America in debt? — No one is watching the money and everyone has been having a party since 9/11. Pentagon can’t find lost money went from $2.3 trillion in 2001, to over $9 trillion dollars. No outrage from Americans??? It’s been a party and no one thought it was going to end, but it did…Hillary didn’t win. Now there are report’s and documents of that theft that they don’t want Donald Trump to see! The free for all before Trump moved in the White House was out of control. U.S. spending $90 million to clear bombs in Laos????

In 2012 Americans on Obama’s Wasteful Spending that we now know got worse! Immigrants were number #1 for the African who punked the world and the American people. No birth certificate and the Hawaiian Health Director who validated the only one is dead. It was a fun run for the Obama’s on that American tax wave, along with so many others.

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OBAMA CALLS FOR DICTATORSHIP IN AMERICA!! Communists Democrats CHEER! TREASON Caught On Video! Promising “HELL” and he didn’t break his promise, Americans got four more years of a deadbeat, immigrant who only cared about everything non American.

Bypassed Congress to Give An Order to Blow Up Libya and the Manmade River to Feed Africa.

Obama didn’t work for the God of T. B. Joshua, or the people, but for everything evil. Any man/woman that could blow up a water source for another country is EVIL and an agent of satan! Any man/woman who would turn his back on the laws of America isn’t AMERICAN! A man who gave an order to bomb “LIFE”n for greed and didn’t ask one American did they mind. Is it time for Obama to get his return for all he has given…tenfold? The Libyan people can’t wait!!!

Libya. The Man Made River.

How long has the world been feeding Africa? Gaddafi wanted to step in and save the world some money and feed the continent himself, so why did Obama bomb the manmade river? Is it to keep the free billions in aid that never makes it to the people going to Africa? How long will the world and Africans have to suffer from the lies to save/heal/feed Africa? Africa is “RICH!” Every nation has oil! Every nation has resources that should provide for “ALL” its people, but history if you know it shows they are still enslaved. Colonial countries supporting the castles, and parties of the royals so they don’t have to work. Why aren’t the oil companies that are making millions in each African nation drilling water wells in every village for the people?

They might feed themselves and become productive. No more government checks for the nonprofits. Why do Africans have to pay for school, if they can’t feed themselves???? To keep the dumb, so they can’t read the history and know the truth that isn’t even taught in American schools. Just like U.S. history, all under colonial rule, colonial laws, and not much has changed, except the illusion that the majority believe they are free. Are you really a free man/woman? How much history of your nation do you know? History says it all a show.

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How long would the royal empires survive if African nation became independent?

They wouldn’t! If educated Africans ever wake up and leave the places they live outside of Africa and move back home??? People helping people, is the only way to go, and in Africa can’t see much help, but can see a wonder money show. Best way to live??? From the misery and suppression of others??? Who claims the African nations that people live in squalor while their nations exports millions? Everyone wants the African resources, but no one taking care of the people that they steal them from. How many African colonies are being bled by colonial wealth with cold steel hearts. Colonial nations in Africa reflect the ownership and those who take the money. Which nation in Africa has an owner that cares?

How many rich Africans give back to make their communities places others want to live in?
History tells the story of Africa and the never ending enslavement of one of the greatest races of people on the planet. No one wants to feed Africa, but keep the money wheels rolling and the educated Africans from waking up. How many Africans are there in the world???? T. B. Joshua is one of Africa’s leaders who is promoting education for a better Africa and pays to educate hundreds of children who otherwise would not get to go to school. Shame on the colonial rulers for taking only the money and treating the people like slaves…it will soon be time for “ALL” to reap what they have sown in life. Never to late to change and make up for the damage that has been done.


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