Have You Heard of The Patriotic Alliance?

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by Mark Angelides

Friend to Donald Trump and Nigel Farage, millionaire business man and former UKIP donor, Aron Banks is set to launch a movement that could (if done right) shake the very souls of the Westminster elite. For some time now, Banks has been hinting at the formation of a party with some very solid goals, and as yet, it remains unclear as to whether this will be a full-fledged party or a political movement, but either way, excitement is brewing. The newly opened website, aptly titled: thepatrioticalliance, introduces the reader to some bold strokes, but little actual detail. (Not to be confused with the South African group of the same name.)
The Patriotic Alliance is a grassroots movement built on the success of the EU referendum. By holding the political establishment to account and introducing fresh ideas to the national policy debate, the Alliance aims to capitalise on the huge promise delivered by Brexit. Join us to make Britain fairer, more democratic and more prosperous.
It does however, sound pretty exciting.
Banks has previously said that he has already held talks with former David Cameron campaign guru, Steve Hilton, who has launched his Crowdpac funding campaign already, that it is to “help more independent – and independent-minded – people stand for office, whether at the local or national level”.
Much rumour has been spread and it appears that there will be four key platform areas:

  1. Work to remove the (unelected) House of Lords and change to an elected assembly.
  2. Put in place a minimum age requirement for MPs (40-years-old?) to ensure that people with real world experience are representing constituencies and not PPE grads straight from Party Headquarters.
  3. Maximum two term limit to stop politicians becoming careerists.
  4. To remove incumbent politicians who themselves voted to (and campaigned) Remain in the EU even though their constituencies voted Leave.

While there is yet to be any official announcements on what structure the Patriotic Alliance will take, Banks has stated in the past that he would like to model something on the Italy’s hugely successful “5 Star Movement” headed by Beppe Grillo.
Whatever shape it takes, any movement that seeks to get independent thinkers into the political arena has to be a welcome change. Parties don’t have to be an electoral force to affect change in government policy as Banks and UKIP have already proven by getting the Brexit Referendum.

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