Have You Heard Of The “Tradwife Movement”?

by Michael

In our time, everything about marriage, family and gender is being redefined, but not everyone is happy with these changes.  In fact, many long for a bygone era when life was simpler and families seemed to be much happier.  This desire to recapture what has been lost has spawned the “tradwife movement”, and this movement has been causing a tremendous amount of controversy all over social media in recent months.  Needless to say, many modern feminists absolutely abhor the social values of the 1950s, but it is precisely those values that “tradwives” are seeking to promote

On certain corners of the internet, a segment of women is exhibiting a nostalgia for an era it has never known.

These millennials and zoomers glamorize the aesthetics of 1950s Americana, donning retro fit-and-flare dresses and posting vintage illustrations of aproned housewives placing dinner on the table.

The mainstream media has been trying to downplay the significance of this movement, and CNN even went so far as to label tradwives as a “fringe group”

In the grand scheme of internet phenomena, tradwives are a fringe group.

Online mentions of tradwives go at least as far back as five years ago, but 2020 saw a noticeable uptick in usage of the term, according to Deborah Etienne, a data analyst and researcher for the social media marketing agency Brandwatch. The tradwife discourse continued to grow in 2022 as tradwife content across social media increased and media outlets subsequently covered the trend. But while Etienne found about 152,000 mentions of tradwives across Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, forums and blogs over the last year, negative mentions overwhelmingly outnumbered positive ones – suggesting a strong backlash is present, too.

But if tradwives really are a “fringe group”, why have they been able to garner so much attention?

One 29-year-old tradwife that has developed a very large following on social media says that she has decided to stay home with her children because “her own mom wasn’t around enough when she was a kid”

A mom-of-two has told how she lives like a fully-fledged 1950s-style housewife and her decision to quit the office was inspired by feeling neglected as a child.

Alexia Delarosa, 29, from San Diego, is part of a growing movement of so-called ‘tradwives’ – short for traditional wives – whereby women live by old-fashioned gender stereotypes.

The Californian, who stays at home to cook, clean and look after the children while her husband goes out to work, said she adopted the homemaker mindset because her own mom wasn’t around enough when she was a kid.

Spending more time with our children should actually be a national priority, because the truth is that our kids are a mess.

Scores on standardized tests just keep falling, childhood obesity rates just keep rising, and the horrifying crime epidemic that we are currently dealing with is largely being fueled by kids under the age of 20.

If all U.S. children were raised in traditional families with traditional values, crime rates would be very low.  But instead, crime rates are absolutely soaring right now.  Here is just one example

Compared to the first 22 days of 2021, the major crime rate in Democrat-run Chicago is already up 97 percent this year, reports Wirepoints. Compared to those same 22 days last year, crime is up 61 percent.

Sadly, even though it has become exceedingly clear that what we have been doing is not working, our society continues to run very rapidly in the wrong direction.

The birth rate has plunged to an all-time low, and at this point the percentage of unmarried women in the United States has fallen below the 50 percent mark

Their power is growing thanks to the demographic winds. The number of never married women has grown from about 20% in 1950 to over 30% in 2022, while the percentage of married women has declined from almost 70% in 1950 to under 50% today. Overall, the percentage of married households with children has declined from 37% in 1976 to 21% today.

And even many of those that are supposedly married are not necessarily in traditional relationships.

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We live at a time when anything goes, and that includes something called “a romantic quad”

Two couples who fell in love and started a four-way relationship are candidly opening up about their experiences with ‘polyfamory’ – a practice that sees them all living under the same roof in a romantic quad while caring for their kids together.

When Alysia Rodgers, 34, and her husband, Tyler, 35, met Sean Hartless, 46, and his wife, Taya, 28, from Oregon, they had no idea what the term polyamory – the name given when a person has one or more partners at the same time – was, but when feelings flourished, the couples were more than ready to embrace polyfamory.

As the traditional family unit becomes less prominent in our society, public schools are taking a more central role in raising our children.

Needless to say, this often has very serious consequences

A high school history teacher in California has admitted to helping students change their gender identity without their parents’ knowledge.

Olivia Garrison, who is nonbinary, told the New York Times that they felt it was their job as a teacher to ‘protect kids’ – ‘sometimes from their own parents.’

‘My job, which is a public service, is to protect kids,’ Garrison said. ‘Sometimes, they need protection from their own parents.’

Many of these teachers are openly hostile to traditional values, and some of them actually post videos on social media where they actually laugh about what they are doing to our kids.


Ultimately, the biggest reason why America is moving away from the traditional family structure is because the country is rapidly moving away from the faith that traditional family values are based upon

In 1972 92% of Americans said they were Christian, Pew reported, but by 2070 that number will drop to below 50% – and the number of “religiously unaffiliated” Americans – or ‘nones’ will probably outnumber those adhering to Christianity.

Once upon a time, virtually all mothers in the United States embraced traditional values.

Unfortunately, now we have reached a stage where “tradwives” are considered to be freaks.

Modern feminists would have us believe that the way that we are doing things now is so much better.

But if that is true, then why are people so unhappy and why is a higher percentage of the population on anti-depressants than ever before?

Perhaps we should go back and examine how previous generations of Americans did things, because maybe they were a whole lot smarter than any of us realized.



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