Hedge Funder Mark Yusko’s 2019 Prediction: “Dreadful Bear Market”

Hedge fund veteran says the bear market has arrived, here’s where you want to hide out from CNBC.


via CNBC:

  • Hedge-fund veteran Mark Yusko expects a “hope rally” in January.
  • From there, it is downhill into a “dreadful bear market,” he says.
  • He expects a lot of “spiky” rallies.
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There may be a break in the selling as the year winds down but a “dreadful bear market” is in the cards for 2019, according to hedge-fund veteran Mark Yusko.

He told CNBC on Friday he expects the markets to end the year down, in the single digits, and in January there will be a “hope rally.”

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“Then I think we start down,” he said on “Fast Money.” “Next year is going to be a dreadful bear market, and a bear market is a market that goes down most days but goes up a lot on good news or perceived good news.”


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