The 2-year Treasury has flash crashed and is now yielding lower than a 1-year

by jcarmona24

This is the first time the 1/2yr treasury yield has inverted as when the Stock Markets closed at 1pm Eastern, the Bond market stayed open and investors FLOCKED to safe havens to lower the 2-yr yield at 2.56% and 1 yr at 2.58%

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If you thought the frenzied, panicked selloff into abysmal liquidity would end when the stock market plunged into the close, tumbling 2.71% and officially ending the longest bear market in history when the S&P dropped over 20% from its Sept 20 all time highs… you were wrong, because while stocks closed at 1pm, bonds are still open (until 2pm), and just after 1:24pm, the 2Y Treasury yield flash crashed (as prices Flash Smashed).

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