Here is Something that Most Westerners Don’t Understand

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by Chris Black

Nationalism in Eastern Europe exists in REALITY, while nationalism in the West only exists in THEORY, in Nationalist Narnia. Eastern Europeans have nations that they care about and are prepared to fight for. Nationalism in the West is hypothetical — it exists only as a political video game online, in the Metaverse.

The overwhelming reaction among Right-wingers in the West has been that Ukrainians should give up their REAL nationalism for purely THEORETICAL benefits. The country that suffered the Holodomor should accept being ruled by the Post-Soviet Empire, literally governed by a former KGB agent. Because American wiggers posting in forums think that would be “based” in their video game nationalism. 

If Russia is the only force in the world that can protect nations from THE GAY, then what about other countries in Eastern Europe? What about Poland and Lithuania? They have managed to remain relatively normal in spite of being members of both EU and NATO. Should they ask to be ruled by Putin’s Russia in order to make sure they don’t become transvestites?

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This is all extremely embarrassing and Marie Antoinette-ish, to be honest.


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