Short Comment on Biden’s SOTU Address

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by Chris Black

>Appealing to “younger transgender Americans” (mind raped children)

>Saying he will help them transition (get savagely mutilated, often against their parents will)

>Invokes God to justify all this, as if God would somehow make children be born in a body that he didn’t originally intend (blasphemy of the highest order)

Holy fuck I didn’t think I could hate this man any more than I already do but here we go.

The good thing is that he didn’t mention Israel once.

See also  Jim Jorden: 'There are 170 suspicious activity reports involving the Biden family put together by the Treasury Department'... Benny Johnson: 'The Biden Crime Family is the most corrupt family in political history'

That aside, there’s strong evidence to suggest that after the midterms the Republicans will be going on a big purge of anyone associated with the Donald Trump movement.



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