Here’s how much your Social Security check may increase in 2022 – COLA for 2022 may be 6.2%.

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It looks like retirees will get a raise next year.

The Senior Citizens League is a nonpartisan advocacy group for older Americans and has a history of accurately forecasting the annual cost-of-living adjustment. The group estimates the Social Security COLA for 2022 may be 6.2%.

The boost would be much higher than the 1.3% change made for 2021, which was one of the lowest increases Social Security has ever had.

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Check out this video to see how much money this will add to your benefits and to see how the increase compares with other changes in the past.

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“In the long-term, the United States Inflation Rate is projected to trend around 2.60 percent in 2022
and 1.90 percent in 2023, according to our econometric models.”


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