Here’s Why America’s Manufacturing Industry is Dying

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by Chris Black

The problem with American manufacturing is that you can earn the same $17-20 per hour pay you get stamping parts, stocking shelves at Target or Home Depot. You can even make $17 an hour flipping burgers at McDonald’s. 


Nobody wants to work in a factory all day when you can make the same or more doing something that takes almost zero effort. 


However, if manufacturing wages rise to a normal rate compared to Walmart shelf stockers, nothing could be made in the USA. 


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The biggest problem we have is that someone can make $17 an hour working at Target. This has caused massive inflation that has decimated the take home pay of jobs that used to supply a decent lifestyle. 

The guy making $30 an hour didn’t get his pay increased to $60 an hour, when the person on the floor at Target went from $8 an hour to $17.


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