With Kyle Rittenhouse in the News Again, We Turn Back to What Really Happened

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by Chris Black

Day 1

>Police shoot Black felon in Kenosha, Wisconsin while he was evading arrest. They had a warrant for his arrest on third-degree sexual assault. Afterwards, distraught crowds of black locals manifested and fought the police, later that night they were burning down and looting shops throughout their city. 

Day 2

>Protests throughout the night include BLM/Antifa & locals that proceed to burn, loot, rob, beat shop owners and their stores. Similar to the George  Floyd riots in Minneapolis. 

Day 3

Governor Evers declares an emergency but turns down the offer to beef up security. Local store owners & their friends protect stores to prevent another night of burning down the city. BLM/Antifa mobs declare this act to be racist, they attempt to burn down shops and tensions escalate until violence erupted (Kyle Rittenhouse shooting).

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