He’s Not A Scientist, But He Plays One On TV

Bill Nye: There’s a ‘Pearl Harbor’ Moment Every Week on Climate.

Just days after Memorial Day, when veterans are remembered for giving their lives in battle, Nye nonchalantly claimed there is a “Pearl Harbor” moment on climate change every week — but is only being recognized by his side: “the science side.”

The actual act of war at Pearl Harbor killed 2,403 people, and led to the U.S. declaration of war. Yet, he considered this an apt metaphor for natural disasters he claims are fueled by human-induced climate change.

“We don’t have Pearl Harbor, by analogy. We never had this catastr—- people from the U.S. were fighting the war in Europe. They were flying missions since the late 1930s. Flying bombing runs. But it wasn’t until Pearl Harbor where everybody really got serious about winning,” Nye said. He failed to specify that Americans who fought the Axis ahead of Dec. 8, 1941, did so as voluntary and private citizens. War was not declared until after the Pearl Harbor attack.

He continued, “But the trouble with climate change is it’s happening in slow motion.”

“So there will never be a Pearl Harbor moment?” Stelter asked.

“Well, for us there’s one every week. And so, for us on the science side,” Nye insisted.

Forget Vietnam — here’s the real quagmire: “Progressive” philosopher William James’ moral equivalent of war trope is over a century old, and sees no sign of a peaceful resolution. Which is why, as Tim Blair quipped in January, if radical environmentalism is refighting WWII, “Fair enough. Nuking Hiroshima it is, then.”

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