HIDDEN CAMERA: Union President Admits to Protecting “Teacher Who Had Sex With Teenage Girl” – Willing to Cover up Abuse of “Scumbag” Student

Union City Education Association President Insists Teacher Who Hit Student Will Be “Fine,” Won’t Lose Job

Kathleen Valencia, Union President, Advises Teacher to Claim “Kid tripped and fell”

Valencia: “[The teacher’s] not going to admit anything happened… Keep his f*cking mouth shut”

Teacher Is “Safe” Because Student Is Afraid to Come Forward

Union President Reveals Union Is Currently Protecting Teacher Who Allegedly Had Sex With Teenage Girl, Is Not Going to Jail

(New York) Project Veritas has released undercover footage of Union City Education Association President, Kathleen Valencia, explaining that the union has helped a teacher who allegedly had sex with a teenage girl keep their job, and would do the same for a teacher who physically abused student.

On March 27th 2018 at the Union City Education Association office, Valencia, the union’s president, explains why a teacher who bruised a student in school would not be reprimanded.

Did the kid’s parent come in? No? Nothing happened… There’s no video? Nothing happened… [The teacher] is fine.

Valencia expresses dismay at the idea of the student speaking out about being abused:

“God forbid the kid decides to tell the principal. It happened two weeks ago, he’s not [going to tell.] Let’s say the kid does. [The teacher] is going to be like… ‘kid tripped and fell.’

When the Project Veritas undercover journalist asks if unions normally help teachers who abuse students, Valencia says, “it happens, yes it does!”

Valencia then details the steps the union will take to make sure the teacher who abused a student in school keeps his job:

“I’m going to get your brother a lawyer. Your brother’s not going to admit anything happened. The only witness is the scumbag kid… he’s got a record.