Highest Crime Cities in America, Party of Mayor:

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1. St. Louis, Democrat
2. Detroit, Democrat
3. Baltimore, Democrat
4. Memphis, Democrat
5. Kansas City, Democrat
6. Little Rock, Democrat
7. Milwaukee, Democrat
8. Rockford, Democrat
9. Cleveland, Democrat
10. Stockton, Democrat

It’s almost as if Republicans and conservatives aren’t the problem.


LEFTY EUPHEMISM ALERT: CHOP Cheers Theft… er… ‘Unplanned Donation’ as Cuomo Says Some People ‘Shouldn’t Have’ Police.

UNEXPECTEDLY: New York’s Murder Rate Is Up. Way Up.

California law would make it a hate crime to call 911 because of a person’s race

WE HAVE THE WORST POLITICAL CLASS EVER, AND ALL OUR MANAGERIAL CLASSES ARE POLITICAL: Police Violence, COVID-19 Lies, and the End of Legitimate Authority. “Our leaders and institutions are failing us spectacularly. It’s up to us to reboot society.”


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