Lots of people are looking at this situation in Seattle, and asking WHY nothing is being done. Allow me to explain.

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by QuantumLove

THIS IS BAIT for PDJT(President DJT).

Just in case anyone needs a primer, under our system of government, use of the national guard in a state is the responsibility of that state’s governor.

Many people believe that the president is the one who activates the guard for things like this. He can FEDERALIZE the guard, and bring them under his command, but it’s not his place to activate them for use when dealing with a state issue.

Nothing is being done in blue states, because they WANT Trump to take the bait and deploy military forces.

If he does that, then he owns the consequences, rather than these chickenshit and traitorous governors, and these same states will then beat his ass to death in the media, claiming that he is usurping states’ rights by using military force against the wishes of the states.

Trump is correct in not taking this bait, but the downside of it is that people who misunderstand the states’ role in their use of their national guard will accuse Trump of doing nothing. The left will play that card too, in order to sway voters.

What’s going on in Seattle is the State of Washinton’s problem to solve, not the federal government. Don’t think for a minute that the lack of any meaningful action on the part of the left is anything but a calculated move in these blue states.

This is all about GET TRUMP. It’s never been about anything else.





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