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Professor Warns CIVIL WAR May Be Next Step Of Civil Unrest As Cops Quit While Antifa Escalates. A Professor warned 10 years ago that we would face widespread civil unrest in 2020.

This prompted some interesting articles but most people did not take him seriously.

Now they are

As the US faces mass civil unrest journalists have asked what he thinks is next. His answer is rather dire

Peter Turchin believes we may be facing a civil war.

As Antifa sets up more autonomous zones like Seattle’s CHAZ police quickly move into shut them down. But protests are still ongoing and now armed groups are standing up to fight back.

Trump supporters are starting to get upset that Republicans aren’t doing anything about the crisis and the Democrats are just bending the knee, literally, to the far left.

People won’t stand for this and they are starting to take things into their own hands.

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