Hill And Bill Humiliated – What Goes Around Comes Around. PLUS, Liberals Seemingly Get By With All Their Crimes, And I Am Sick Of It!

by Pamela Williams
An Arkansas Conservative lawmaker wants to strip Clintons’ name from the Arkansas airport. It thrills me to see Hillary getting back a little of what she has given President Trump. It also is nice to see someone recognize the fact that the Clintons are not respectable…they are common criminals.
“You have a president who was impeached for having an affair with an intern in the Oval Office and then disbarred,” said state Sen. Jason Rapert, the bill’s author and one of the Arkansas legislature’s most outspoken conservatives.
Thank heavens someone gets it! If the bill introduced in the legislature on Thursday succeeds the Clintons will be disgraced. Rapert, whose Senate district does not include Little Rock, said he introduced the legislation after “several Arkansans across the state” had expressed to him their “discomfort” with naming its largest airport after the controversial Clintons.
It is good to know that many people are starting to find the crimes of the Clinton disgraceful and certainly not to be honored within our society. The legislation might not win approval, but then again it might. At least the Clintons are starting to suffer for what they have done in the past, and this is way overdue.
Further in speaking about the Clinton’s crimes, and to add to that Obama’s crimes, Liberals simply ignore those crimes but are calling out President Trump for ever action he takes. Those of us who see the US as an aggressive military empire are baffled by the complete silence of the mainstream “left” in the recent war crimes of Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, such as the destruction of Libya, or Obama’s drone wars and assassination program. When Bush announced the invasion of Iraq, thousands of people marched in the streets. But when Obama bombed seven mostly Muslim countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen) not a peep was heard from the “left”. When Trump issued a travel ban on the same countries bombed by Obama, the liberals were outraged and marching in the streets again. What is going on? Isn’t bombing worse than a travel ban? It doesn’t make any sense, does it? Shouldn’t it be explained?
My observations and feelings are as follows, and you may find them controversial to say the least…just remember they are entirely mine.
1. I truly believe in Biblical prophecy, and I allow it to be my guide to understanding the times we are living in.
2. It is the only thing that makes any sense to me.
3. I believe we are living in the time that God gave his fallen angel Lucifer to rule over the Earth.
4. The line in the sand must be defined as you are either with Lucifer, or you are with God/Jesus.
5. That line has been clearly crossed, and we have chosen one side of that line by either our love of God/Jesus…or our love of evil/Lucifer.
6. You can identify which side of the line each human being is on by their fruits. This is the only way I can understand how society is functioning now.
I truly believe what we are experiencing in society during this time can be explained by my above theory. I think President Trump is truly a good man, who is trying to make a better America. As far as the crimes of the last regime, the players are apparently being protected by a force we do not have control over. It may be working for them now, but their downfall is coming. The Clintons are seeing that to some extent at this time.
Franklin Graham said that he believes that God intervened to help Trump win…not Russia. I read the other day that Americans had prayed for Trump’s kind of honesty, and we had our prayers answered. Now we must pray for his protection from evil factions that are working within our society to bring him down.


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21 thoughts on “Hill And Bill Humiliated – What Goes Around Comes Around. PLUS, Liberals Seemingly Get By With All Their Crimes, And I Am Sick Of It!”

    • Jeff, you do not know it all. Things are being done you know nothing about. It is hard to see it now, but give it a few months. I think you have forgotten the fact that over 400 pedophiles have been arrested.

      • I didn’t know about these pedophiles. Pamela, I know someone who was molested when she was 5 yrs old. She’s retired now but she remembers everything, and it absolutely affected her entire life. And she told me that she [never] told anyone. She never told her family either. To this day her family doesn’t know. Personally, I’d like to see these pedophiles tied naked to a tree in the forest, then shot in the feet to draw blood. Hello Mr. Bear and Mr. Big Cat, the heroes!

        • Strange you did not include the Hollywood group that has been doing this for generations…in cahoots with the others!!! It is another swamp that will need to be drained!

      • I am a man of the Creator, not a war god. You “think” I have my facts wrong? You did not research it? Just what I thought. I have PROOF that Billy is a 33rd degree Freemason, but that is beside the point, right? I do not spout opinions, I speak truth…

  1. lib·er·al·ism (l?b??r-?-l?z??m, l?b?r?-)
    1. The state
    or quality of being liberal.
    a. A political theory founded on the
    natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual
    and favoring civil
    and political liberties,
    government by law with the consent
    of the governed, and
    protection from arbitrary
    b. often Liberalism
    The tenets or policies
    of a Liberal party.
    What part of that definition describes the
    behavior of the people you claim to be liberal? When did the meaning of liberal change? Why are you so afraid of calling these people what they are? Why are you helping the cabal bastardize the
    term to divide and conquer the people?
    fas·cism (f?sh??z??m)
    1. often Fascism
    a. A system of government marked by centralization
    of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy
    subject to stringent governmental controls, violent
    suppression of the opposition, and typically
    a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
    b. A political philosophy or movement based
    on or advocating such a system of government.
    2. Oppressive, dictatorial control.

  2. Wow, I’m surprised to hear IWB mention that God tossed Lucifer out of Heaven and gave him domain over this planet. I completely agree. Look at the escalated violence in our country and other countries as well. It’s always been about good vs evil no matter what country. Liberals obviously chose Lucifer. Liberals lie, cheat, destroy, vandalize and assault American citizens because we put our country & her citizens first and foremost. Liberals are nothing more than criminals and belong in prison. Liberals want to turn America into a 3rd world country.

      • Insult liberals? Lmfao. You talking about the [violent] liberals who violently assaulted Trump supporters? The liberals who rioted? The liberals who burned cars? The liberals who set a Trump supporters hair on fire? The liberals who vandalized and destroyed store fronts? The liberals who wore vagina suits? The liberals making death threats to Trump and his white supporters? The liberals blocking traffic with an ambulance trying to get through? The liberals who did many many many more bad things because they lost the election? The liberals who verbally assault Trump and his supporters every chance they get? Are you talking about these liberals??? Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
        Idiot. You’re a typical liberal, deflect, deflect, deflect. I wasn’t [using] religion to insult (lmfao) liberals. I am insulting liberals on my own, God had nothing to do with it. God also gave us free will. Liberals, through their actions, make it crystal clear they chose Lucifer as their leader. I choose God. Liberals are violent anti-Americans who want to turn our country into a 3rd world country. Liberals put illegals and refugees [before] American citizens. Liberals have no intention of MAGA. Liberals still have their heads up Obama’s black asswhole.

  3. SOLUTION: Name the Mena Airport after the Clintons!!! Sooo approriate! For those who don’t know, google/facebook what happened in Mena, Ark BEFORE the Clintons ran for POTUS…sniff sniff!!! Murder of 2 boys at the wrong place, at the wrong time on the railroad tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good old Billy helped the CIA destabilize the urban African American community with the crack epidemic imported into Mena while the cracker asswipe was governor.

  4. So how do a couple of criminals make it to the White House? What kind of society is this that allows a couple with a record of deaths behind them that rivals the Bubonic Plague to pose as the elite of our society? They must have some powerful backers. It is obvious that they are not really Democrats but minor CIA figures doing the will of the financial establishment that owns the country.


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