Trump bans CNN and other Liberal media!

CNN blocked from White House Media Briefing! Look at their worried faces.

The White House blocked several mainstream media outlets from a press gaggle Friday with press secretary Sean Spicer.
CNN, The New York Times, Politico, Buzzfeed and the Los Angeles Times were not allowed to attend the gaggle, which replaced Spicer’s daily briefing. Reporters from those outlets were surprised when White House aides denied them entrance to the gaggle, reports The New York Times. Incensed reporters quickly tweeted out the news, and several outlets boycotted the gaggle in protest.
A partial list of outlets that were allowed to intend include The Wall Street Journal, CBS, NBC, ABC, Bloomberg, Fox News, Breitbart, and The Washington Times. The Associated Press and TIME did not attend in protest.
“A big deal” Politico’s Manu Raju tweeted Friday afternoon. “WH now picking and choosing which news outlets can attend Spicer gaggle …”
Paul Joseph Watson: MSM whining again about not getting access to every single event. Most of America hates you and no one cares. Cry me a river.

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THIS IS NOT FAIR! host throws temper tantrum when TRUMP BANS CNN
CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin made the comment during an on-air chat with CNN White House correspondent Sarah Murray.
CNN Fake News From 1991 Middle East Footage – Filmed In Atlanta CNN Studio!


10 thoughts on “Trump bans CNN and other Liberal media!”

    • It’s worse than that. It’s weaponized language against their enemy. The public is the media’s stated enemy. Know when you’re in a fight before you get hurt, please. Total Spectrum Dominance.
      They aren’t lying that you don’t look fat. They are lying that the invasion of illegals aren’t here to kill us all and take the country. Look at ALL countries that allowed jihad by immigration. The second they touched 50%, they went to 95% or greater withing months. Over and over. Over and over. Know your history.
      Know, that when crazy feral humans say, “All white people must die” THEY ARE BEING LITERAL. They are too stupid for hyperbole.

  1. Love it! Lmao! It’s too bad these fake news pos can’t be permanently banned from the t.v., radio, or wherever they are. Lol, wonder what went on behind closed doors at these fake news liberal pos.

  2. I agree with the commentators below, but I have to add:
    Excluding seditious, and treasonous media outlets and personnel, is NOT arresting them, which should be what Trump does.
    Very simple, start easy. As you arrest McCain for his fk’ing leaks to the NYTimes and CNN, jail the receivers of those classified docs and SIGINT too.
    • Until I see Trump start arresting the sedition 5th column, I don’t believe he’s real.
    • Until I see Trump start arresting people like the California Senator that said half his family is Illegal and have fake documents (admitting to multiple federal felonies), I don’t believe he’s real.
    • Until I see Trump start arresting the money men like Soros, the Ford Foundation, the BMGF, that fund domestic terrorism, I don’t believe he’s real.
    • Until I see Trump start arresting the 150 or so, bussed in paramilitary the firebombed businesses at UC Berkeley, I don’t believe he’s real.
    • But most importantly: Until I see Trump start arresting the Pizza/Pedogate Washington Beltway elite, that affect both RINOs and Demoncats, I don’t believe he’s real.
    We aren’t children and some of us notice the bullshit so far. Enforce the rule of law, like you’ve said, or I don’t believe you’re real, Trump.


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