MEDIA COLLUSION. The picture says a thousand words.

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“Tulsi Gabbard goes to ?Syria? & meets Assad: MSM freaks out. Warmonger John McCain ILLEGALLY enters Syria & meets ‘rebels’: MSM just shrugs.”

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2 thoughts on “MEDIA COLLUSION. The picture says a thousand words.

  1. You don’t have to prove corporate media collusion with the deep state and the forces that want to destroy America.
    WE KNOW. Idk, but the first time my wife cheated, I got that my wife was a cheater, thank god for DNA testing!
    Now, Trump, do something. Trump has everything from AntiTrust Laws, to hundreds of Federal laws, to licensing and the FCC, to the Patriot Act, to Pizza/Pedogate to trigger…
    Yet, Trump does nothing. Sum Ting Wong.

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