Hillary’s Delusions know No Bounds

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by Mark Angelides

Hillary Clinton in her latest book, “Hard Choices” has taken the path of least resistance in examining what aspects of reality denied her the White House. She proportions almost no blame to herself, her ideas and ideals, or her disgraceful campaign, and instead looks to four key factors as the reason she was denied her “birthright”.
Each reason is more delusional than the last, and is just further evidence of the enormous bullet the American people dodged when they refused to elect her as President. Here are the reasons that Hillary Clinton believes she lost the race because of:
She believes that the leaked emails surrounding her campaign were one of the chief reasons for her loss. In some ways she is actually correct, but if her emails had been dull, normal and legal, they would have had no effect whatsoever. As it turns out, the emails showed that she was cheating in debates, colluding with friendly media and was in general a bit of a horrible person with a slim grasp on the truth. Yes, the leaks damaged her, but only because they showed who she truly was.
FBI Investigation
Second on her hit list is that FBI Director Comey launched an investigation into her mishandling of sensitive data. Most specifically his timing. But here’s the thing. She mishandled the data against all advice and rules (and laws). Many people who have done a lot less have be sent to prison. Comey was right to launch an investigation, and he was right to do it before the election. If she had been found guilty of crimes, we would have had to have another election or have a (another) criminal in the White House. Again, she mishandled the information. Her responsibility.
Email Scandal
As talked about above, Clinton broke the rules; it was her decision to break the rules. If the public couldn’t get it out of their minds, or if her opponents kept on about it, well again that was her lookout. If she hadn’t done it, it wouldn’t be an issue. Would she have liked all past events and actions to be taken off the table? Then she would not have been able to attack Trump as much as she did. Again, this is entirely a situation of her own creation.
Yes, that’s right. It was plain old misogyny that denied her the White House. It was men hating women, it was men banding together to exclude women from power and it was men who decided to hold down and oppress her. But of course, it’s nonsense. Women voted for Trump (BUT THEY WERE BRAINWASHED BY THE PATRIARCHYYYYY!!!), men voted for Hillary. It was not her sex that lost her the White House, it was her ideas. She just didn’t appeal to enough people.
And all of this shows how lucky America was to not have her as President. If every failure is to be blamed on someone else, there would be no re-examination of strategies or plans. She has shown herself to be immature, unthinking and just plain ignorant. Lucky escape.


7 thoughts on “Hillary’s Delusions know No Bounds

  1. Trump may be a greenhorn but compared to a dyed in the wool mega criminal….he is a much better choice.
    Wonder where she’s going to dump all those unsold books of hers? She will have to pay the dump to take them off her hands. Even if she gave them out for FREE I seriously doubt anyone would even care to read her outright lies.

  2. Hillary’s “birthright” is a noose. Trump has effed up big time, but if WW3 starts (and I pray it doesn’t) it will months later than if Cankles McPantsuit stole the WH.

  3. I am very sorry that I did not vote for Hilary. I did not know that the presidency was her birthright. I should not have gotten in her way by writing in Senator Sanders.

  4. i want to know why the old bat thinks anyone wants to buy any book she passes out. unless its used in psychiatry as a textbook case of hysterical delusion syndrome.

  5. Boils down to “If Wikileaks, Russians, Comey hadn’t revealed what a cheat and criminal I was – you’d have voted for ME!”

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