HOLLYWOKE! How tyranny of political correctness sweeping Tinseltown is crushing creativity, stifling talent – and driving audiences away

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What do spoof western Blazing Saddles, cross-dressing comedy Tootsie, boxing drama Rocky and The Wizard of Oz have in common?

Apart from being hugely successful, much-loved films, no connection may spring to mind. But according to a new expose of the chilling effect that ‘wokeness’ has had on Hollywood, all are now ‘verboten’ in industry circles.

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Blazing Saddles (co-written by black comedian Richard Pryor) sends up racism with its black sheriff protagonist; Tootsie’s Dustin Hoffman pretends to be a woman to get acting work; Rocky’s bad guy is black; and The Wizard of Oz hired people with dwarfism to play its Munchkins.

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Which means none of these classic movies would stand any chance of getting commissioned today, according to prominent directors and writers.


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