Homeless/Poor Solicited by Soros/deep state Dollars to Protest Trump U.K. Visit?

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by Thinker

When will the mainstream media tell the truth and stop creating stories that are more fiction than fact? In London the protestors look like they have come from the poorest of the poor and as it has been shown, there are companies that pay above minimum wage to protest. A way to make an easy dollar and people are desperate for money. What you will notice, is that there may be “ONE” person of color and not much but a sea of white. CBS is talking about the protesters complaining about U.S. Iraq invasion? That goes back to the Bush administration, and Obama, so where were the protestors then? Watch the news clip and let your eyes judge for themselves? English slaves who will soon be forking out millions for another wedding and play day for their masters, jealous of Americans new leader who is committed to giving the nation back to the people? The British can never be free, the are and will always be subjects under the crown! Who paid for the protestors?

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Only Time Will Tell What the Truth Really Is.

Trump Not Playing A Part In the Collective Is Triggering & Revealing More Truth Than Any Could Imagine

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President Donald Trump Drives Bulldozer ‘Straight Through’ Brexit Plan | Morning Joe | MSNBC. In an interview with The Sun, President Trump said British PM Theresa May had ignored his advice on Brexit, and the president also praised former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. The Morning Joe panel breaks down Trump’s remarks and his visit to the UK.

Nigel Farage on Trump’s ‘bombshell’ Brexit intervention

Former UK Independence Party leader reacts to the president’s comments on Prime Minister Theresa May.


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