HOUSE OF FILTH: NYC Resident Racks Up $300K In Fines For Home Covered In Garbage… City Turns to Alcohol in Rat Fight

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Demanding Answers: NYC Homeowner Racks Up More Than $300,000 In Fines For Home Covered In Garbage

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Some Queens residents are frustrated with a neighbor’s home that is covered in garbage.

The homeowner has received thousands of dollars in fines, yet nothing was done about it. CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez demanded answers from the city on Wednesday.

Carminee Bhimull, the site’s 57-year-old resident, defended the unsightly pile of trash bags in a heap outside her South Jamaica home.

“What’s another person’s garbage is somebody else’s treasure. Don’t they say that?” Bhimull said.



Take that, rat! New York turns to alcohol in rodent fight

New York (AFP) – New York unveiled its latest weapon Thursday in the city’s long-running war against rats — alcohol.

Rodents are one of the more unappealing aspects of life in America’s largest metropolis, often seen scurrying between subway tracks and sniffing around garbage bags.

City officials have spent millions of dollars trying to cull the rat population over the years, deploying everything from rodent birth control to vermin-proof trash cans.

Now they say they have finally found a solution: a machine that attracts rats with bait and then triggers a trap door that drops them into a pool of alcohol-based liquid.

“It knocks them out and they drown eventually,” Anthony Giaquinto, the president of Rat Trap Inc., which imports the devices from Italy, told reporters.


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