How 5G could mean the end of privacy and how it could open the door to oppressive governments.

by bastardlessword

So, many people here is against 5G implementation because of its possibility of producing cancer or many other diseases. But i think that the main danger of this tech is how it could be used for surveillance and how pretty much nobody could escape from the eyes of the big brother (unless you live in a Faraday cage).

It’s common knowledge that both wifi (and 5G) and visible light are the same thing: electromagnetic waves. We understand visible light, and how we use it to see the world. The thing with visible light (or light to make things shorter) is that it cannot pass trough most of materials. So, if 5G is also an electromagnetic wave, and has the advantage that it can pass trough most materials, why can’t it also be used to map 2d images or even 3d map the environment around?

I know some people will think that this is crazy and not possible. But this has already been done: Here and here are some examples. Now imagine what could be done with a mesh of routers separated by a few meters. Some of you would say that mapping the environment with wifi would yield low definition images (because it pass trough us), without enough information to identify anybody or even tell what a person could be doing at any given time. The thing is, similarly to how we can tint glasses to make them more “visible” to light; we could “tint” humans to make them more “visible” to 5G, with the addition of certain chemicals in the food or water.

One “positive” aspect that i think could be used to gain the favor of the people, is that this tech could be used to increase the certainty of punishment of crimes (thus considerably reducing the rate of crimes). In today’s world, one could steal something and there will be very low chances that he/she is going to get punishment (prison) because of it. With this surveillance tech (and the addition of face recognition AI algorithms), the certainty of punishment could be near to 100%.

TL;DR: 5G could allow governments to 3d map everything in realtime, they could be able to know who we’re, where we’re and what we’re doing every second of our lives.

However, i think that if the governments end up having access to these surveillance technologies, it would be a matter of time until they start oppressing the people. It’s just too much power, and there are experiments that prove that we, humans, cannot stay uncorrupted under such circumstances.



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