How badly did Joe Biden screw up? Bad enough that even the DNC-MSM noticed:

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Biden’s Failure on Afghanistan Has Been So Bad That Even a Friendly Press Corps Has Bailed on Him.

The Taliban taking over most of Afghanistan, including Kabul and the presidential palace — where they posed with U.S. guns.

A helicopter rushing U.S. personnel from the embassy in Kabul.

Afghans running to and on the Kabul airport runway to flee the country.

Afghans hanging onto and falling out of U.S. military planes.

The pictures and reports of these events show the inevitable consequences of a withdrawal that President Joe Biden dismissed or disregarded. The first two being examples of the former and the last two as examples of the latter.

The U.S. efforts in Afghanistan have been undone so quickly after Washington spent trillions of dollars there over almost 20 years after 9/11. Whatever you may think of the war and whether the United States should have withdrawn, there is no way to spin the consequences of what has transpired in Afghanistan.

It’s so bad that even the friendly mainstream media has bailed on Biden to report this doom and gloom. The MSM has rightly criticized the administration from how it conducted the withdrawal to it abandoning the Afghan translators and others that helped U.S. forces. The MSM has also covered the part about the administration leaving behind the women who will again live under repressive Taliban rule. The optics of the immoral abandonment cannot be ignored.

OH: Biden Admin Admits It Does Not Know How Many Americans Are Trapped In Afghanistan, Could Be 10,000.

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WHICH WAS NOT EXACTLY STAINLESS BEFORE: Battenfeld: Afghanistan debacle is permanent stain on Biden presidency.

Biden already looked weak even before the debacle in Afghanistan and now he looks incompetent, too — getting caught off guard with a botched attempt to withdraw U.S. forces and allies from the war-torn country.

“The buck stops with me,” Biden said in a carefully watched speech after he rushed back from vacation at Camp David.

But Biden then proceeded to blame previous administrations — including by implication his own under President Obama — for sending U.S. troops over the last two decades to fight in an unwinnable war.

He could have pulled out without it being a debacle. He just didn’t want to.

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NOT THE BEE: This Afghanistan vet just went nuclear on MSNBC, live, as they tried to defend Biden, and it’s a must-watch.

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