How I got over a BIG Financial loss…..

by Matthew_Jay

A couple years ago I went through a few big financial difficulties. Took some big losses and then I got stuck in life. Thinking of the past and not moving forward… This can easily happen to any of us, so I thought I would share some tips/experiences on this subject to get over and regaining your life back!

1) Not becoming a victim…. Stop telling your sob story to yourself and people!

2) Living in the moment….Focus on the now and where you are heading. Most difficulties are caused from reviewing the past….

3) Meeting people… takes your mind off your past, your reoccurring thoughts and gives you new thoughts/information, changes your mood, and people offer you opportunities that can turn your life around.

4) De-stressing… Such as meditation

5) Learning valuable lessons…. These setbacks have huge gems in them, if you are willing to learn them.

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6) Look forward to the future… Plan what you are doing. This will give you optimism because you will not see the past failures but the future possibility.

7) Work hard….this takes your mind off the past again and puts you into things that will improve things going forward…

8) Lastly…..Making it back 🙂