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It’s been nearly 30 years since “Roger & Me,” and through all that time Michael Moore has remained a robust public figure, iconic in his baseball hats and pleasure-loving Middle American girth and can’t-be-bothered-to-cut-it long hair, fearlessly funny and incisive in his rhetoric, stirring up debate on TV news shows with his crackling blend of heat and light. In the summer of 2016, Moore issued a lengthy and eloquent missive to establishment liberals telling them that they had their heads in the sand about Donald Trump’s popularity, and about his potential to be president. Basically, he predicted Trump’s victory — not just the what, but the why. It’s no accident that Moore called that one so accurately; time and again, he has kept his finger on the pulse where others haven’t. He understands working-class America, and in 2018 that means he understands Trump’s America. If you’ve continued to watch his films, you may feel (as I do) that Moore has not lost his provocative vitality as a documentary artist.

Yet let’s be brutally honest, since the Michael Moore I know would insist on nothing less.

That would be news to Roger Smith and Pauline Kael.

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The legacy media says it’s because online creators now make similar styles of content where once he had little competition. I say it’s because the fear driven moral panic of neoliberal opportunism he represents is actually a tiny minority of even the left:

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