How Probable Is A Second Civil War?

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by Daniel Carter

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was relentlessly mocked this week for suggesting that the left-wing was going to start a second civil war on the 4th of July. The ridicule was fair as Jones’ bold claim was likely just a publicity stunt. However, I believe the chances of a second civil war occurring in the near future are a lot greater than some may realize.

Just search “list of civil wars” on Wikipedia. This will give you an idea of how common it is for a country to go to war with itself. History reveals that there has almost never been a time when a civil war wasn’t being fought. This may come as a massive surprise to many Americans because recent generations have been spoiled with a very long period of peace and prosperity. To most Americans, a civil war is unthinkable. Even with hostilities nearing the point of eruption, only 31% of Americans believe a civil war is likely.

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Are most Americans really paying attention to how nasty the political divide has become? Yesterday, a video surfaced of a man stealing a MAGA hat from a teenager and then throwing a drink on him.

Over the past several weeks, protestors have become extremely aggressive toward ICE and other law enforcement. This aggression is the result of media-manufactured hysteria over Trump’s immigration policy, even though Obama’s policy was virtually the same.

There has been a rise in aggression on the right as well. Many racist outbursts have been caught on camera as the level of xenophobia continues to rise. Even a New York Attorney has been caught in a racist rant.

Large mobs have taken to the streets to engage in violence. These more commonly occurring instances, I believe, are the clearest signs that we are progressing toward civil war. As I have reported before, the city of Portland is descending into chaos. Last week, another episode of violence broke out between Antifa and Patriot Prayer. Here is one of the wild confrontations between the two mobs:

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And here is a video of a man from the patriot side knocking out three different Antifa members:

These examples are such a small glimpse of what is happening inside the US. People are furious with the opposing political side and are more willing than ever to resort to violence. I’ll be bringing you a lot more stories like these in the future to illustrate to you how this hostility is progressing. I don’t just think civil war is possible, I think it’s highly probable. Very few people are taking the time to step back and examine how their actions are leading to that point. Instead, they double down and bring us all one step closer to a reality where the US is at war with itself.



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