How Public Relations for Startups Can Influence Your Future

It’s not easy to launch your own business, especially if you’re new to this and the competition is going to eat you alive. Maybe you have the next best app from the market, but if you’re in the start-up stage, it means that you’re probably on a tight budget, too. Normally, now you’re asking yourself how you can do this – promote your business and be different from the others, if you don’t have that much money. If you become visible on the market, you could attract new investors and new customers. This is the part where the strategic PR makes it appearance. It can help you in building the credibility of your brand and the best thing is that it’s free.  If you searched blockchain pr but didn’t find anything – you’re not in the best place.

Make sure you chose a specific niche

We know that ‘the more the merrier’ is a very popular saying, but it’s not the case in this situation. You need to be very specific about what part you want to cover for your start-up. Let’s take the tech space for example – you’ll need to focus on the relationships which keep developing with the tech journalists and the media which publishes tech news.

Your message needs to be personalized

It’s not easy to get to journalists, since they practically swim in media releases, e-mails and event invites. Try to be friendly and personal. It’s more than just spamming them with e-mails, which, let’s be honest, are impersonal and unwanted.

The content should be publishable

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You should create content that can be published online, on the social media and blogs, and all the places where the investors and customers can see it. Be personal – share your story, insight, experience and knowledge. This is a very good way to show them you’re in the game that the public will get to trust you.

So share your story

You cannot say that you have a new product and you automatically have a story. A start-up is not a story, either. The niche is the one that should make the difference in the business and should be what you’re calling your story. Take it as a journalist would: it’s not his business to promote your business, but to tell a story about it.

Let your voice be heard

There are many start-up events and even meet-ups for your business today. You should really attend those events and do some networking. Then you need to share your start-up journey by speaking gigs. You’ll be seen as a successful influencer if you speak and this is also a good way to introduce your business in this world of new people – it’s a high chance they’ll see you as an expert in your field, too. It mainly depends on discovering your amazing stories and telling them to the right people.


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