How the British state protects pedophiles

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A damning expose of the way the British state has conspired to cover up widespread child sexual abuse and protect pedophiles from criminal prosecutions. From individual cases of pedophilia, to the widespread issue of Islamic grooming gangs, to the historic cases of child sexual abuse carried out by leading members of the establishment, the sordid history of the British state’s collusion to protect sex offenders is laid bare.

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3 thoughts on “How the British state protects pedophiles

  1. God forgives these mentally ill individuals; humanity still must adjudicate their behavior by drawing a line to protect the truly innocent.

  2. Several Judges from various nations in the British Empire started to review this through the London Courts, but left the job after seeing the files!
    Perhaps they were threatened NOT to expose this global paedophile operation…
    & BTW; where the hell is INTERPOL??? Or the UN for that matter!

  3. Members of the Royal family and many of the upper crust of British society have been for many many years, no surprise here.

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