How the military industrial complex robs taxpayers blind by overpricing military goods.

by LightBringerFlex

I did 3 years in the Army and saw this first hand. At first, I thought the scam only involved the retailers but now I realize that the US Army was in on the scam. The people getting robbed are the US taxpayers.
Here’s how it works:

  1. The military has a “lowest bid” policy meaning whenever they need something (IE grenades), they throw the bid out there and whoever bids the lowest wins the contract.
  2. The military retailers basically split up the many different products so that one company handles certain items, another company handles other items, ect.. This way, they aren’t really competing with each other.
  3. When the military retailers make a bid, they bid very, very high to maximize profits. The profits are so insanely high that it was clear to everyone that a scam was being pulled in the military.

Sample items:
A piece of steel that is a mechanism to unscrew something in the breech was $330. This mechanism looked like it should cost $13.
A piece of rubber (3 inches x 3 inches) that fits in between 2 metal pieces costs $400 when it should cost about $20.
A gas mask costs about $1200 when it should cost about $180.
A “laser tag” style system on tanks cost $95,000 per tank. These mechanisms should cost no more than $3600.
Tank computers cost $150,000 each. Each M1A2 tank uses about 5 computers that always melt down in the heat so each tank has about 2 replaced per month. That’s $300,000 per tank, per month.
There are an endless amount of items in the military and each one is overpriced like this… This is one major reason why our military is so expensive to run. The expenses are killing us but they pretend that these expenses are necessary by creating fake wars.
This is how they basically rob the tax payers blind using the military industrial complex. They charge way over what they should be charging. They decided to keep an endless war going so that they can keep charging and charging and charging until the US falls apart financially.
This is an insanely profitable venture and its a perfect example of misery for profit. These soldiers are fooled into thinking they are protecting the country when in reality, the rulers decide to go to war to make sick profits.
Also, the military uses soldiers to run most service jobs. Why don’t they use soldiers to build their own weapons? Soldiers are very cheap considering the amount of work they put out. Why is there profit in war? The government should be producing its own weapons and gear instead of hiring private companies to build them. The private companies are essentially like the Federal Reserve in that they are not needed but they are used to make a handful of people a whole lot of money on behalf of the 99% who pay taxes. The whole thing is a scam to transfer money from the masses and consolidate it in the hands of the few which guarantees a slow death for the entire country.

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3 thoughts on “How the military industrial complex robs taxpayers blind by overpricing military goods.

  1. The secret to defense contractor insane prices while still paying employees a working wage is their “approved” overhead rates. For every dollar of engineering spent on a product development or manufacture, more than two and sometimes three is spent on overhead. Overhead includes everything not actually charged for the deliverable product. If you might imagine the building, the manufacturing equipment, computers, office equipment and bathroom fixtures all get negotiated into “allowable” overhead. If a tool takes $1000 to manufacture, overhead is applied, general and administrative costs are added, the cost of borrowing money is added, on top of which at the end a negotiated fee or profit is applied. The upshot of this is every dollar of actual good and service has a multiplier of about 5 applied. General Smedly Butler was wrong. Providing war materiel is THE racket.

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