How the Socialist Government Of Venezuela Destroyed Their Country

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It was not socialism that destroyed Venezuela, it was the corruption of government officials that looted the country until nothing remains but dire poverty and starvation. It started with Hugo Chavez’s family and extended to the military bribed with oil money to support the government. Today, the richest person in Venezuela is Hugo Chavez’s daughter, with perhaps $5 billion accumulated by crimes such as buying all the rice and reselling it for high prices. Here is one Venezuelan’s experience:…ur-freedom
In Venezuela, the corruption was at the very top of the pyramid. The police and military were paid to look the other way. As more and more wealth was siphoned away the currency collapsed as the government kept the printing presses going full speed until it cost more to print the worthless money than the money was worth. Now the people have no money to buy things, the monthly wage they get doesn’t even buy food for a week.…ur-freedom
Being the ex-President’s daughter pays off: Hugo Chavez’s ambassador daughter is Venezuela’s richest woman
Diario las Americas claims that Maria Gabriela Chavez, 35, has $4.2billion in assets held in American and Andorran banks
Hugo Chavez famously declared ‘being rich is bad’ and during his lifetime railed against the wealthy for being lazy and gluttonous
Efforts to determine Chavez’s wealth have been made before, without much luck…eport.html
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2 thoughts on “How the Socialist Government Of Venezuela Destroyed Their Country

  1. While it’s true that “kleptocracy” has been rampant in Venezuela for generations, socialism tends to replace the smart criminals in power with exceptionally stupid ones. The previous “democratic” regimes were at least clever enough to keep the necessary goods in the stores and infrastructure intact while they generously padded their offshore accounts. Since Chavez, the least-educated have had their hands in the cookie jar so much they forgot someone has to actually bake the cookies. This downward spiral until Venezuela is indistinguishable from Haiti.

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