Seattle Police spend two months on undercover Tide Pod bust

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Last month I did a blog post entitled, Armed robbers breaking into homes, restraining & hitting victims yet Seattle Police doesn’t believe “public is at risk.”
From my post:
A violent series of armed robberies have hit the Seattle’s Beacon Hill where three, armed men kicked in doors and held residents hostage while they ransacked the victims’ homes. There have been no arrests.”
Shortly after that post, a 71-year-old woman was pistol whipped and shot in her home.
The mayor’s response“South Park residents shouldn’t have to live in fear in their own community. @SeattlePD and I have heard your concerns and understand the urgency – that’s why we’re fast-tracking the hiring of a Public Safety Coordinator in the South Park area.”
The citizens have been concerned with the Seattle Police’s lack of presence and response in their neighborhoods for some time. See also:

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So what is the newly-elected mayor having the police focus on now? Stolen Tide Pods. reports that Tide Pods are among a list of items targeted by a “prolific group” of Seattle thieves. The racket took at least $111,000 of property out of downtown stores.
Seattle police arrested four men for possession and trafficking of stolen property following a two-month undercover operation to take down their organization. According to Seattle police:
For two months, undercover officers followed the men to darkened alleyways, restaurant booths and alcoves around downtown, where they exchanged small amounts of cash for valuable stolen goods.
Police say that the “prolific group” targeted low-level drug users near Third Avenue and Pike Street. The men provided the drug-users a list of items to steal from downtown stores. The lists included exact size and colors of clothing, and other product specifications. They paid for the stolen items at a fraction of the value.
Undercover officers posed as thieves employed by the four men. Police served search warrants March 1 to homes in Burien, Federal Way, and Renton. The investigation also led to a storage unit in Des Moines. Investigators believe that the men were shipping the stolen property out of the United States where it would be sold.
While I understand the police can focus on more than one thing at a time, I’m pretty sure the residents of South Seattle are not too pleased with adequate resources not being directed their way. Home invasions are a much more serious and life-threatening crime than stolen Tide Pods.
Hopefully the “public safety coordinator” can solve the home invasion crimes that are hitting Seattle!

2 thoughts on “Seattle Police spend two months on undercover Tide Pod bust

  1. The title of this article should actually read:
    “Seattle police undercover for two months on a bust where thieves stole $111,000 worth of merchandise from downtown stores to fulfill the lists of goods requested by their drug dealers in exchange for drugs. One of the items on the list of expensive merchandise including designer clothes etc… was Tide Pods.”
    Forget all of that. Let’s go ahead and make it look like the police were focused on Tide Pods being stolen.
    Why does IWB let people like DCG post this shit? This was an unnecessary slam on police actually doing their job.

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