How the US and other nations skirt laws against domestic spying

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by The-Truth-Fairy

“Britain’s GCHQ can spy on anyone but British nationals, America’s NSA can conduct surveillance on anyone but Americans, and Germany’s BND can spy on anyone but Germans. That’s how a matrix is created of boundless surveillance in which each partner aids in a division of roles.”

How the US and other nations skirt laws against domestic spying:

Besides the claimed “legal” surveillance of Americans using a loophole, we also know that there is some illegal surveillance as well. They must either have two divisions, or they have to come up with a plausible legal explanation if the NSA shares intelligence on Americans, hence the loophole.

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Is the surveillance aimed only at “bad guys?” Nope, that was a lie as well.

  • How America Spies on Europe and the UN — President Obama promised that NSA surveillance activities were aimed exclusively at preventing terrorist attacks. But secret documents from the intelligence agency show that the Americans spy on Europe, the UN and other countries. The NSA describes the [Blarney] program’s main targets as “diplomatic establishment, counter-terrorism, foreign government and economic.” These documents also say that Blarney is one of the “top sources” for the President’s Daily Brief, a top-secret document which briefs the US president every morning on intelligence matters. Some 11,000 pieces of information reportedly come from Blarney every year.

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