How to AVOID being put on a RESPIRATOR if you get coronavirus

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This is for people who are worried about getting the coronavirus and being put on a respirator.

This video is from David Abel, a passenger of the Diamond Princess ship that got coronavirus and is documenting his journey.

He and his wife are now in a Japanese hospital and in the video, he mentions that he was about to be put on a respirator because his oxygen levels dropped to 93%.

He used a technique he knew called “emotional freedom therapy” (a technique that among other things expands the lungs) and he said that it made a huge difference within hours. He went from 93% oxygen to 97-98 and on the next day 99%.

He and his wife are in their 70’s and their lungs have fully recovered now. They both had pneumonia at one point but they were never put on the dreaded respirator.

You can check all about this technique in the videos I found below. But you can also search for it online. It’s free, you just have to tap on a few points of your body and we can all do it at home.

I personally don’t know anything about this. All I know is that he used it and it worked, so I feel there’s no harm in trying it.

Also, he mentioned that they weren’t given any drugs or vitamins in any of the hospitals they’ve been. It’s all about rest, lots of hot fluids and good nutrition.

Hope this can help some of you. Stay healthy and don’t panic. We can do this!



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