How to Break Through the Covid Brainwashing Propaganda

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by Chris Black

Motto: Pick up line of the week: hey girl, your last name must be Pfizer, cause you just made my heart stop.

I don’t care if you believe Covid is the most deadly thing since the black plague. I’ll give you data that shows that it isn’t, and try to show you as much truth as possible. But, you are free to believe what you want to believe.

I don’t care that you want to wear a mask, stay six feet away from people, and spray down your own mail. You are free to do so. I’ll present you with data that shows it is pointless, and ask you to provide data that backs up your point of view. 

I also don’t care if you want to take one of the vaccines. If you claim it is safe, effective, and free. I’ll give you the data that says it isn’t. If you still believe in it, fine. You are free to get jabbed as many times as you want.

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Don’t you dare claim you have the right to force me to do any of those things. You do not.

You claim the right to force me to do all of those things, wear a mask, distance, not go to work, and be vaccinated. Why?

If your mask works, then me not wearing a mask has no effect on you. If standing six feet away prevents The Virus™ from spreading, then it won’t spread to you. If the vaccine works, then me not getting it has no bearing on your own personal health. My personal decision has no effect on your life. Just as your decision has no effect on mine. 

The only way my decision to not wear a mask, or be vaccinated can have an effect on you, is if your measures of prevention do not work. 

In order for you to be infected by me, if I was infected, if you are wearing a mask that prevents infection, is if your mask does not prevent infection. 

If it doesn’t prevent anything, then what is the point of it?

If your vaccine does not protect you from me, then it is completely pointless. 

Is that why everyone must do it? Because if one person doesn’t play along, it proves that everything done to us for two years was for absolutely nothing?

I believe that is the truth. 

Everything done was pointless for health, but served a great purpose of advancing the totalitarian state and consolidating power.

I ask again. If your measures work, what do you have to fear from someone who doesn’t abide by them? I’ve asked numerous people that question, people who believe wholeheartedly in Covid, and they can’t answer it. 

Other than saying that by not abiding you are a danger to those that do.

The exact definition of insanity. 

Answering a question with a statement that causes the question to be asked again.

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