How to Change Your Personal Finances in Just One Hour

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by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper

What you have to do to get ahold of your personal finances is to get rid of all the judgment, good or bad, and treat your budget like you're running a business. | The Organic Prepper

Personal finance is a subject that is fraught with emotion.

Some of us are doing well and take pride in that fact. This can put blinders on us when we don’t see how we, too, could one day run into hard times.

Some of us are having problems and feel another gamut of emotions. Anxiety, worry, anger, and shame are just a few of the emotions we encounter on a daily basis.

What you have to do to get ahold of your personal finances is to get rid of all the judgment, good or bad, and treat your budget like you’re running a business.

  • If you had a business would you give in to the employee who doesn’t always finish the dishes (cough) the task but still wants a bonus? (Or admission to the movies.)
  • Would you get your employees a steak dinner at a restaurant when the business could really only stay afloat while feeding them homemade burgers?
  • Would you consistently pay out more money than you were getting in revenue?

If you make the mistakes above when running a business, you aren’t going to be running it for very long. And the same thing holds true with a household.

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The Cheapskate’s Guide to Personal Finance

This weekend, I’m offering a quick guide to help you take a hard look at your finances and see where cuts can be made. Learn where you’re hemorrhaging money and get tips for stopping the bleeding. And best of all, learn to embrace your cheap side and see the wonderful rewards that can be yours if you change your relationship with money.

The book is short compared to most of the ones I offer – 45 pages – but if you perform the recommended exercise, you can quickly get a clear picture of what is going on in your personal finances and you can figure out how to fix it.

10 years ago, I never would have thought that as a single mom I would be doing the things I have been able to:

  • Homeschooled my daughter through high school
  • Put my other daughter through college debt free
  • Left the corporate world to start my own business
  • Traveled all around the country
  • Had a small farm

And that’s just a few of the things we’ve been able to do, all because we have a handle on our personal finances and focus our spending on the things that are important to us.

The price this weekend is $5.49 this weekend and will increase after the sale. Look for an email from Send Owl (check your spam if it doesn’t show up right away.) If you don’t have it in 15 minutes, there’s been a glitch so just let me know and I’ll straighten it out for you.

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PS: If things are too tight for you to swing this, just drop me an email – you know I’m always happy to help. This guide could be life-changing and I want you to have it.

Just getting the guide isn’t enough to turn your finances around.

You have to actually DO something. You have to perform the exercises, be honest about your spending, and take steps to make the necessary changes. A book on its own, no matter how great it is, will never change your life. Only YOU can do that.

But, it’s a great start.

Grab a notebook and pen before you start reading and work your way through this. You’ll see some places right away where changes can be made.

I hope you find the information in the book useful!


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