Summer Work for American Citizens & the H2B Visa Racket

There are some great summer work opportunities for American citizens at the beautiful resorts of Lake Winnipesaukee and Cape Cod.

Funny thing, my friend’s daughter is home from college during the summer and she’s applied for jobs at resorts in Cape Cod (another place with allegedly a shortage of summer hiring prospects). She and her friends home for the summer would love the opportunity to work on the Cape during the summer. She should hopefully get a job there this year with the shortage of H2B visas.

NH businesses hampered by shortage of foreign workers

Lack of H2B visas nearly forced one resort to open late

A resort in the Lakes Region is experiencing a major workforce shortage because of an issue with summer visas for foreign workers.

The Naswa Resort is entering its 83rd season on Lake Winnipesaukee, but day-to-day operations have been a challenge.

“For the first time, I actually thought we might not be able to open our 83-year-old family business because we did not have enough employees to do so,” said Naswa Resort president Cynthia Makris.

Cape employers left in lurch by H-2B lottery scramble for summer staffing

The region has long been reliant on the H-2B visa program, which allows American companies to hire overseas workers to fill short-term labor shortages. But an unexpected use of a lottery system by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to allocate the 33,000 visas available means many companies that applied for the workers did not get them despite following procedures that, in years past, would have virtually assured their requests were approved.

“Those who made the lottery are overjoyed,” said Jane Nichols Bishop, owner of Peak Season Workforce, a staffing firm that helps companies through the visa process…

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Does anyone know how these foreigners with H2B visas afford to live in these affluent areas for summer work? The price for a summer rental at the Lakes or the Cape are outrageously high. I’m trying to wrap my head around how foreigners afford airfare, cost of living expenses and a place to live in these affluent areas for a summer work-vacation on minimum wage.


Re: Summer Work for American Citizens & the H2B Visa Racket
Woah, did you all know this? I didn’t. What kind of racket is this that gives foreigners American jobs in some of the most desirable vacation spots across America and pays for their transportation, lodging and meals!



• To be provided or, upon completion of 50 percent of the job order period, reimbursed for reasonable costs incurred for transportation and subsistence (including lodging incurred on the employer’s behalf and meals) from the worker’s home to the place of employment

• H-2B workers must be provided or reimbursed for all visa, border-crossing, and visa-related fees in the first workweek of employment

• Upon completion of the job order or if dismissed early for any reason, to be provided or paid for return transportation and subsistence

• All employer-provided transportation must meet applicable safety standards

pdf file:

Wow, so they get an all expense paid work vacation. That’s bullshit, completely blows the argument out of the water that they are “doing the jobs Americans won’t do”

Our nation could replace the foreigner visa worker with some sort of millenial summer work program.

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