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Earning from affiliate programs can significantly increase your monthly income without much effort. All that is needed to do is to place on your Internet resources, such as blogs, social networks and websites, links to the services that you advertise. Regardless of whether you are engaged in trading or just looking for financially attractive sources of income, participation in the Forex affiliate program will allow you to earn up to $2,000 – $3,000 per month in the initial period of your activity. As experience is gained and the subscriber base grows, this amount will increase significantly.

What Does an Affiliate Marketer Get Paid For?

As part of affiliate programs, the marketer receives a reward for each attracted client. These can be both one-time payments and those covering the entire time of the client’s activity. Therefore, your task within the framework of Forex broker affiliate programs will be to convince subscribers not just to follow the link, but to take part in trading or investing. For the action of each new trader or investor, you will receive a percentage of his activity on the platform.

How Commissions Are Accrued in the Affiliate Program by RoboForex

The advantage of the FX partner program is in its multi-level character. The size of the commission will depend on what level of referral you manage to attract. By choosing one of the types of program, “Expert” or “VIP”, you will receive the following deductions from the income received by the broker from your referral. For the levels of Expert program:

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  • 1 – 35% from direct client
  • 2 – 20% from sub-partners
  • 3 – 15% from sub-partners
  • 4 – 12.5% from sub-partners
  • 5 – 10% from sub-partners
  • For the VIP program —70% from the activities of your direct referrals and 10% from the investments of your sub-partners.

Loyalty Program for Partners of RoboForex

In addition, as you increase your status within the affiliate program, the payouts also increase. A change in status occurs with a rise in the number of referrals attracted and the amount of money for which they make transactions. The loyalty program allows you to maximize your profit depending on how much money you received at the end of the month.

  • If your profit is up to $500, the payout is 10%
  • If from 500 to 30,000, the payout increases to 15%
  • Over $30,000 you will receive 20%

Participation in affiliate programs can become your main source of income if you are active enough. By creating intriguing and convincing content, you will be able to attract more interested customers. And the more referrals your direct customers attract, the higher your accruals will be.

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