How to save websites and important information in the event of internet shutdown or partial internet blackout (For you preppers)

by capitan_canaidia
The internet is a powerful tool for spreading knowledge and ideas. As a society, we have become used to having the internet at our fingertips. I fear we may be at the begging of a new era where ideas, concepts, and knowledge may get harder to access. Although now it’s seems to be just news and media is being affected by Censorship, there’s no telling what may be next. The dumber a population is, the more complacent they are. Knowledge is power. So, I want to teach you how to download websites for offline use. It’s super easy and all I ask in return is that you share useful links in the comments for others to download.
I use a software written by Xavier Roche called HTTrack. All you need to do is follow the wizard and enter the url of the site you wish to download. You need to be careful, as some sites are massive. I do not recommend downloading sites with tons of dynamic content (facebook, newssites, youtube videos, etc) as this tool will scan the directories recursively. I do recommend this tool for downloading reference guides for preparedness information as well as general education that will enable you to learn and be independent of the internet in the event it goes down or is compromised. Try to use sites that are lightweight to minimize disk space. For videos, use Videater or Keepvid. If you want just one page of a site, and not the whole directory, you can use chrome to print it as a PDF if you are using windows to save space. Depending on the size of the site and your connection speed it can take some time, so start early.
Resources/Sites I have downloaded:
Electrical Engineering/Physics (General Reference): (Best) (Redundant) (Redundant)
Other Education: -> Algebra/Calc -> More Math – > Literature -> Biology Reference -> 3000 years of world history -> Tons of books, thanks u/lopestatus!
Renewable Energy/Water Conservation:
Food Storage:
Various/diy: (download individual instructions for various things to build)
The Sites you save with httrack will be fully navigable! Good luck and cheers!