Huge explosion just now in Paris before yellow vest protest. Gas leak say authorities. 2 dead, 30+ injured!

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# Breaking : Just in – Huge Explosion in # Paris ! One store got blowned up! Police are reporting Casualties! Possible Terror attack or something!

# Update : Looks like a car bomb went off! Multiple windows have broken awning’s and one building damaged in heavy # Paris and is on fire!

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Lots of injuries, heard screaming like some were still trapped. First responders have arrived.


To be clear, there’s no info right now about the origin of the explosion, I added it to my yellow vest thread by reflex as I was on my way to champs elysees when I heard it.

The blast is believed to be accidental and may have been caused by a gas leak, police sources said.

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Prime Minister Edouard Philippe arrives at the scene of the blast, which severely affected a bakery in the 9th district of Paris

A fire and a suspected gas leak triggered a powerful explosion inside a bakery in downtown Paris. Two people have lost their lives and more than 30 were injured.

Two firefighters have died dealing with the aftermath of the explosion that occurred on Rue de Trevise in central Paris, the city prosecutor has said. Previously, the French interior minister put the death toll at four. Earlier in the day, media reports mentioned over 30 wounded, including 15 people who suffered serious injuries.

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Also, the prosecutor’s office said it launched an inquiry into the blast. “At this point, we can say that it obviously has an accidental origin but we must remain cautious,” the prosecutor said, as cited by French media.

A fire broke out inside the bakery after the blast that caused chaos on the adjacent streets.

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