“I am a nurse working in Sweden. We are F***ED”

I am a nurse, working in Sweden. I won’t say where except
it’s up north in Sweden. We don’t have a lot of confirmed
cases but that’s mainly thanks to our government not
testing enough. Basically in Sweden we have a public
healthcare system where everybody belongs to a certain
local clinic. The clinic is the first place you go to
unless it‘s an absolutely emergency. Some clinics have
emergencies like ours but usually it’s in a hospital and
not a clinic.

Our clinic is connected to an elderly home and only NOW
we are taking the decision to isolate that home from the
rest of the clinic. Nurses move in and out through the
sections constantly. We are running out of
desinfectant/hand sanitizer and our uppers are now mixing
it with some kind of liquid gel/soap thinking it will
actually help.

We just got explanations on how to put on suits for
treating suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients. They
are not giving us enclosed PPE suits. We get gloves, a
mask, visor (NOT ENCLOSED) and a f***ing plastic apron.
We have no respirators here but they plan to take acute
patients anyway.

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In general nobody ia wearing masks, people don’t take or
seriously, most nurses say it’s just a normal flu and not
to worry, you DO NOT get tested until you get symptoms
and if you have symptoms but aren’t in a risk group
(obese, old) you just get sent home until you’ve had 2
symptom free days. And then you’re considered “better”.

The working staff is NOT BEING TESTED for the virus. When
I asked why not, I was explained that there are only a
few testing kits and you need symptoms first. Preferably
fever. Coughing, sneezing, tapped nose etc aren’t
considered serous. The government doesn’t care, there
aren’t any lockdowns and enforcement. Nobody gives a f***
about anything.


h/t dr0id


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